Development Psychology

Psychology is the study of details of human mental life, in which there is character, attitude, personality, and mental from a person.Psychology has begun to grow since 17th and 18th century and it grows rapidly in 20th century. In the beginning, this study was a part of philosophy study as well as the other studies, such as constitutional law study, economy study, but then separated itself and stand as independent study.

According to its origin word, Psychology is derived from the Greek words, Psyche means soul and Logos means study. So, Psychology literally means study of soul.

Unlike other science study, which the form object can be seen directly, the object of Psychology is soul, which is an abstract component in human, but can be observed through manifestation of human’s behavior or action. By observing those matters, Psychology can learn someone’s soul or mind.

Psychology is useful and help other studies, particularly studies that concerns directly with human’s life. Social science relate very close with Psychology. It’s because laws and provisions in social studies are influenced by human’s action, individually or society. Psychology is also used in exact science and technology, especially that is practiced for human’s interests, such as in medical science, architecture and aeronautical science. There are many occupations that apply Psychology in its fields, for example teacher, company’s leader, politician , etc.

Nowadays, Psychology is more introduced to the general public. We can see many books about Psychology in store, which wrote about general matters, for example knowledge about baby, knowledge about children’s developing, etc. It’s also wrote in simple language, so that common people can understand it. Companies or schools use Psychology test as the requirement in personnel recruitment or in student enrollment. This matter support the improvement of Psychology. The growth of Psychology goes along with the growth of human being. The more the human being develops, the more Psychology improved.


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